Materiality analysis and development of Alma Media’s corporate responsibility

Alma Media defined the responsibility priorities that are material in terms of its operations for the first time in 2009. In 2016, Alma Media updated the materiality analysis pursuant to the GRI G4 reporting guidelines. Based on the results of this analysis, it also updated the responsibility priorities and their material aspects. The priorities were determined on the basis of Alma Media’s strategy, an industry analysis, stakeholder survey, interviews, work meetings and the identification of business impacts.

The framework for Alma Media’s corporate responsibility was updated on the basis of the materiality analysis. Alma Media’s Group Executive Team discussed and approved it in its meeting of March 2016. The materiality analysis of Alma Media’s corporate responsibility resulted in the identification of four themes and six focal areas, each of which will be determined their respective development paths and the next, immediate measures in the spring of 2016. These will constitute the updated framework for Alma Media’s corporate responsibility. In the future, the development of Alma Media’s corporate responsibility will be monitored as part of the group’s strategy process. 

Alma Media will publish further information on the most material priorities of its corporate responsibility, its updated corporate responsibility strategy and its development and implementation plan regarding the most material issues by the end of June 2016.