Goals and achievements in 2015

In 2015, Alma Media continued its own activities and co-operation to mitigate the environmental impacts of the media sector, develop the competence of its employees and reduce youth unemployment. In addition, corporate responsibility activities in 2015 highlighted the effects of journalism on society and the local social responsibility.

A media company’s most significant impact is created through the content it produces. Each of Alma Media’s media outlets bears responsibility for its journalistic content. Alma Media’s role is to promote discussion on the responsibility associated with freedom of speech and to increase awareness of the brainprint media leaves on audiences and society. 

One of the focus areas of Alma Media’s social responsibility in 2015 was the assessment and measurement of the environmental impacts of media and related partnerships. Alma Media participates in the annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) climate reporting directed at investors. Alma Media achieved the highest ranking among Nordic media companies in the CDP 2015 climate report. In December 2015, Alma Media committed to the Paris Pledge for Action to reach the COP21 targets. A further goal of Alma Media is to reduce the environmental impact of construction and the use of buildings. The company’s Töölönlahti office building in Helsinki and printing facility in Tampere have previously been awarded LEED environmental certificates.

Preventing youth unemployment was another area of focus for Alma Media’s social responsibility in 2015. For the fifth consecutive year, Alma Media and its Monster online service were involved as main partners in supporting and implementing the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation’s Responsible Summer Job project led by the Finnish Economic Information Office TAT. The 2015 campaign attracted a record number of 262 responsible employers, who offered a total of more than 40,000 summer and seasonal jobs.

As in previous years, Alma Media was again actively involved in brainprint-related research and discussion in 2015, both in Finland and internationally. In addition to the impacts of journalism, the research and discussion extended to the impacts of advertising and how advertising can promote not only consumption, but also sustainable development.

The Sustainable Media programme is also implemented at Alma Media in its employees’ way of working and through the choices employees make on a daily basis. Alma Media’s corporate responsibility objectives are incorporated in the daily work of each employee and business unit. Various social responsibility projects of local communities are examples of how each employee can influence matters and it is Alma Media's role to provide opportunities for such activities. Nevertheless, Alma Media has set certain specific corporate responsibility objectives to support responsible actions in daily work. In addition to the objectives described below, goals related to corporate responsibility are also described in the sections on the environment and employees.

The development areas and objectives of corporate responsibility and the Sustainable Media programme for 2016 and beyond will be covered in the corporate responsibility strategy, which will be updated by the end of June 2016.

Objectives 2013–2016 Implementation in 2015 Description of activities in 2015 Description of activities in 2016–2017
Management and co-ordination of corporate responsibility
Development of responsible supply chain management ** The development of the supply chain has been continued, but the responsible purchasing supplement has not yet been launched. Responsible purchasing supplement, development of supply chain reporting.
Corporate responsibility’s increasingly strong integration into risk management; the best among the Nordic media corporations in the CDP report. ** Comprehensive revision of risk management still ongoing; the best Nordic media agency in the CDP report (96p.). The continuous development of risk management.
Developing internal corporate responsibility communications; launching the Sustainable Media theme workshops. *** Sustainable Media materiality workshops. The development of digital content and active internal corporate responsibility dialogue and communications.
Developing the Sustainable Media perspective of the business strategy and launching solutions. ** The materiality analysis of corporate responsibility at the beginning of 2015–2016. The development and implementation of the corporate responsibility approach on the basis of the materiality analysis performed in 2015–2016.
Stakeholder interaction
Active involvement as the main partner in the Responsible Summer Job 2015 campaign and its development. *** Participation in the development of the Responsible Summer Job 2015 campaign of the Finnish Economic Information Office TAT and T-Media for the fifth time as the main partner. The number of participating companies increased from the previous year. Active partnership in the Responsible Summer Job 2016 campaign.
Media CSR Forum *** Sustainable Media programme developed through co-operation; development of themes related to the privacy of data and journalistic ethics. The development of Alma Media’s Sustainable Media programme with the help of co-operation.
Active participation in the City of Helsinki Climate Partnership Network. *** Involved in the provision of content for the network’s annual seminar. Joint seminar between climate partners and Alma Media. Active participation in the Climate Partnership Network continues.
Active participation in FIBS’s corporate responsibility and diversity network. ** Joint seminar of FIBS and Alma Media on diversity communications. Active participation in the network’s activities continues. The increasingly active utilisation of the network’s tools.
Preparation of Alma Media’s diversity survey. Diversity network tools’ inclusion in HR operations. ** Diversity Undertaking signed in January 2015. Alma Media becomes a member of Finnish Business & Society’s diversity network. Diversity stories, internal and external communications.
Developing opportunities for volunteer work for Alma Media employees. * Some volunteer campaigns were organised, but no systematic programme. Increasing opportunities for volunteering, linking volunteering opportunities to Alma Media’s social responsibility initiative.
Local-level social responsibility projects and initiatives. ** Various social responsibility projects to improve the daily life of the local community in the Tampere region as well as in Alma Career’s local communities abroad. Expanding local social responsibility projects to other localities and to Alma Media units on the basis of the corporate responsibility materiality analysis.
Responsible journalism
Continuing dialogue on brainprint and the Brainprint project through Alma Media’s various media. *** Active international participation in the brainprint debate, maintaining discussion related to the Brainprint theme. Maintaining active internal and external brainprint discussions.
Initiating dialogue related to responsible and free journalism. ** Continuing the internal brainprint discussion and extending it beyond Alma Media. Continuing the internal brainprint discussion and extending it beyond Alma Media.
Responsible advertising and marketing
Analysing the environmental impacts of the advertising lifecycle and communicating the findings to the co-operation partners. ** Media CSR network’s dialogue on the international level and the sharing of best practices. Mapping the possibilities to develop the environmental impact of digital advertising. Developing the analysis of the environmental impact of the advertising lifecycle.
Raising discussion on sustainable advertising, marketing and business development. ** Goodvertising and future sustainable business themes for advertisers at Alma Media’s Creation2015 seminar in November 2014 and in own content. Continuation of Alma Media’s customer seminars, the themes of which are linked to the current responsible development of business and marketing.
Environmental responsibility
Continuing broad-based communication of the environmental survey and planning potential follow-up projects. *** Communication of Alma’s survey was continued; use of Shape Media’s survey results, published in 2014, in Alma Media’s own environmental responsibility development. Use of surveys for further development.
Environmental matters in Alma Media’s new office building in Töölönlahti. *** LEED Gold certificate granted to the head office. Motivating employees in environmental work through everyday environmental activities enabled by the building. Employees’ continuous activation in environmental work.
Environmental matters in Alma Media’s printing facility in Tampere. ** LEED certificate granted to the printing facility. Preparation of the environmental certification of Alma Manu’s printing facility.
Setting more detailed environmental targets as new facilities are commissioned. ** Specifying the environmental targets through an analysis of the current situation and development opportunities. Deployment of environmental targets in the 2015–2016 reporting.
Environmental certification of Alma Manu’s printing facility. * Corporate responsibility materiality development. Preparation of the environmental certification.
Development of corporate responsibility reporting.
Monitoring the development of reporting and revising company processes accordingly. ** GRI Media Sector Supplement in use, GRI G4 used in 2015 reporting where applicable Preparation for in accordance/core level GRI G4 reporting
Improving data collection on environmental and human resource matters. ** Renewing the collection process concerning environmental and HR data. Verification of the collected corporate responsibility data.
New target 2016
The renewal of Alma Media’s corporate responsibility materiality analysis and corporate responsibility strategy. * Completion of the corporate responsibility materiality analysis in November 2015. Publishing the results of the corporate responsibility materiality analysis. Updating Alma Media’s corporate responsibility programme; corporate responsibility development and implementation plan.
Development of Alma Media’s Group-level social responsibility initiative. ** Corporate responsibility materiality analysis in early 2015 and 2016 and the development of a theme based on the analysis. Preparation and launching of the Group-level social responsibility initiative in 2016.
* measures have been initiated
** significant progress towards the objective, but further developments are planned
*** objective has been achieved