Corporate governance

Alma Media Corporation complies with the guidelines and provisions by its Articles of Association and the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, and rules and regulations of NASDAQ Helsinki Stock Exchange for listed companies. Alma Media also applies the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines for reporting on sustainable development. In 2015, Alma Media Corporation applied the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2010 for listed companies, issued by the Securities Market Association on 15 June 2010, in its unaltered form. From 1 January 2016, Alma Media has applied the new Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015 for listed companies.

A Corporate Governance Statement required by Recommendation 54 of the Corporate Governance Code is also published as a separate report in connection with the Report of the Board of Directors in the company’s Annual Report.

Alma Media Corporation’s Corporate Governance Statement 2015

In addition, it is publicly available on Alma Media’s website.

Alma Media’s Audit Committee has reviewed the Corporate Governance Statement, and the company’s auditor has supervised the issuance of the Statement and verified that the description of the main features of the internal control and risk management systems relating to the company’s financial reporting process is consistent with the financial statements.

The statement will not be updated during the financial period, but up-to-date information on its sections is available on Alma Media’s website.

The CV information on Alma Media’s Group Executive Team is available in full on the company website. 

Alma Media has also published a Remuneration Statement for 2015.