Financial Media and Business Services

The year 2015 was a period of strong digital growth and significant restructuring for the Financial Media and Business Services segment.

Revenue for the Financial Media and Business Services segment increased by 10.3% to MEUR 58.5 (53.0). Online business accounted for 41.7% (43.0%) of the segment’s revenue. Talentum Corporation, acquired in November, represented an increase in revenue of MEUR 5.8, while JM Tieto, acquired in January, represented an increase in revenue of MEUR 3.4. The divestment of Alma 360 in September had an effect of MEUR -3.6 on revenue. 

Content revenue for the Financial Media and Business Services segment increased by 24.8% to MEUR 20.3 (16.2). Kauppalehti’s content revenue was on a par with the previous year. For the first time, the number of subscribers of Kauppalehti’s digital products exceeded print (53 percent of subscribers). Advertising sales in 2015 amounted to MEUR 17.2 (15.6). Online advertising sales increased by 16.3% year-on-year.

New and better digital services

In 2015, the Financial Media and Business Services segment put in place many development measures to better serve audiences and advertisers.

The revamped Kauppalehti website was launched in January 2015. It was completely redesigned in response to changing usage habits and needs of audiences and advertisers, paying particular attention to mobile users. The website content was optimised to meet the information needs Finnish decision-makers have during the day, including short, frequently updated news items and in-depth articles about economic events. The site enables advertisers to target their messages more accurately than before, and it also provides new solutions for corporate communications. In addition, Kauppalehti now offers a wider selection of video productions, including two online talk shows that discuss topical issues related to the economy, society and sports. As a result of the redesign, the content of the Kauppalehti site has been expanded and visitor numbers increased rapidly during 2015. The site also features the articles published in the print editions of Kauppalehti and Kauppalehti Optio, as well as articles on new themes, such as the digital economy.

In January 2015, Alma Media expanded its range of digital services for companies by acquiring JM Tieto. JM Tieto specialises in creating marketing and sales concepts for corporate clients and in customer acquisition and customer relationship management services and technologies. JM Tieto was integrated into Kauppalehti Business Information Services. During 2015, Kauppalehti Business Information Services expanded its product development operations and introduced a service that offers real-time information about and analyses of Finnish companies’ payment behaviour.

The Financial Media and Business Services segment continued to strengthen its focus on financial media and digital services designed for companies. Alma Media sold Alma360 to Otavamedia in October 2015. Alma360 was previously reported in the Financial Media and Business Services segment.

Media news story of the year: Alma and Talentum to combine

- Talentum’s business operations will be integrated into the Financial Media and Business Services segment.

The key news story for 2015 in the Finnish media sector was the combination of Alma Media and Talentum. The combination required approval from Talentum’s shareholders. It was approved by shareholders representing approximately 95% of Talentum’s shares during autumn 2015. Integration planning began at both companies in late 2015, and implementation began in early 2016.

In accordance with the combination plan, Talentum’s business operations and the business operations of Alma Media’s Financial Media and Business Services segment will be combined to create a new business unit in 2016. The new name of the business unit was launched in February 2016 and its is Alma Talent. The new business unit will be one of Alma Media’s largest business operations.

The Alma Talent business unit created as a result of the combination will operate in the field of financial and professional media and different information and business services in Finland and in the other Nordic Countries. The strategy of the business unit is to:

  • utilise the unit's strong brand portfolio (including Kauppalehti, Talouselämä, Arvopaperi, and Tekniikka ja Talous in Finland and Affärsvärlden, Ny Teknik, and in Sweden) in the development of its media business services and in expanding its operation particularly into new paid digital services;
  • to produce high-quality journalism with the help of a high-level and versatile editorial personnel
  • to maintain and develop long-standing and strong customer relationships with high-quality target groups among the professionals and business leaders of different fields;
  • to cross-sell products and services efficiently by utilising the business unit's existing broad customer bases and its own marketing and sales channels; and
  • to strengthen the unit's competitiveness in the advertising market by combining the business unit's high-quality target groups with the digital network and know-how of the Alma Group.

The new business unit is looking to grow its business operations through providing services that support and benefit media business operations, such as digital information services, both organically and through possible acquisitions. The combination will enable the business unit to offer a broader range of services and customise new types of service packages to clients’ individual needs.